Over the years, Aeson has studied and improved his education and skills. After many years and countless hours, and seeing so many of these classes disappear as other instructors retire or become unable to keep teaching, Aeson began offering this opportunity. From Tarot, Wicca, Scrying, and Astrology, you can follow your path and have a guide ready to help you along in your journey.

With a custom printed manual that combines the resources you need to understand the concepts, a Facebook Group for students to share and help each other, and a variety of locations hosting classes, Aeson has listened to his students and created the kind of learning environments that are appreciated for their convenience, coverage, support, and value.

In 2020 Aeson looks forward to starting his online courses to help people all around the world just as his classes have helped so many others in person.

How classes are named and what the difference is between their types:

Intro – An introduction class is a very broad overview of the subject, is built to give you content that you can use without requiring a lot of time, commitment, study, or practice. While introduction classes won’t give you all the answers, they are great for those who have an interest in a subject that aren’t sure if it’s right for them.

Series – A Series is considered by some to be the “just right” for learning a topic, more in-depth than the Intro, less material to digest all at once, time to review the material, and time to really dig into the concepts between classes. For those who want or need extra time with a subject to sink their teeth into it, this is a great way to learn. But it does sometimes come with the downside of missing a class, losing momentum, or forgetting material. Series classes are structured to have a bit of “picking up where we left off” to help bridge the time gap, in addition to the email support included from Aeson to help answer questions and clear up issues.

Intensive – An intensive course is a one-day event usually lasting 6-8 hours, with hourly breaks, that quickly progresses through the material.  While great for those who are eager to learn everything all at once, it’s not for everyone. Unlike the series class, the intensive class can be a lot to take in, though it also provides the least likelihood of missing a class, losing your momentum, forgetting material between classes, etc. For those who may get a bit stuck, post class discussion and the included email support may help to clear up material that “zoomed past.”