Astrology Classes


Journey into the stars as we learn the ways that planets and stars, and their movements, affect your life. From the moment you were born, these celestial bodies have been plotting a course that requires a roadmap to fully understand. And the study of astrology give you that roadmap!

Beginner Astrology

What is Astrology Anyway? This class will look at birth charts-the alignment of planets, house, and signs-that determine your path in life. Used daily for guidance and insight into the seemingly inexplicable world around us, many people find it a necessity for business and financial decisions and knowing whether they have found THE ONE or just another one. Astrology was the first science, famous astrologers include The Three Wise Men, Pythagoras, Nostradamus, and Sir Isaac Newton.

Studying the movements of the Sun, Moon, and planets-and the effects on everyone, and everything, on Earth-has, been unlocking the secrets of the universe for hundreds of years. Are you ready to get in touch with ancient rhythms and apply them to your everyday life? Then pack up your open mind, your curiosity, and your sense of humor and come along for a fascinating tour of the galaxy!

Course material will be provided including a workbook, printouts of the presentation, and a basic natal chart.

Digital copy of the course manuals are available. Digital access will be given after registration and payment.