Wicca Year and a Day 102/ the collective.

This year we will go deeper into your everyday witch’s life.  This is a working class as we will be coving different topics each month. then you need to get messy and work with it and come back next month and share what you experience.

Here are the Class topics

Lesson 1 Setting up your temple and upkeeping a witchy home. witchy self-care

Lesson 2   understanding the connection with the Goddess/Gods learning to work with them

Lesson 3 psychic self-care, metaphysicians

Lesson 4The rule of three, Spell formulation, working with powers

Lesson 5 understanding and working with the Rhymes of nature why the Witch can call the storm or calm it

Lesson 6 Dealing with the dead and understanding how to put them to work to help you.

Lesson 7 Working with the law of attraction, how to focus on what you want to build as the fire burns away what is not needed for your blueprint

Lesson 8 the alchemical process and the great work

Lesson 9 numerology and astrology in the witchcraft

Lesson 10 Pow Wow/ folk magick are you hexing or vexing, or just fixing it

Lesson 11 omens and signs what does the wind say about it

Lesson 12 channeling and psychic work

Lesson 13 coven government, healthy group setting and setting witchy boundaries